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Mega Money: a discussion by Lloyd Pye
A question I'm frequently asked about megaliths (and much of the other work I do) is: If a great deal of evidence indicates such places were not created by humans, then why isn't such a possibility openly and honestly discussed? The answer, nearly always, is money.

In terms of megaliths, the world's most famous are the Great Pyramids on the Giza Plateau of Egypt. A lucrative tourism industry has been built around the Giza complex. If it were proven that the Egyptians did not build the pyramids, it would deeply hurt the pride of those who choose to believe their ancestors accomplished such improbable feats. More importantly, they fear it would hurt their bottom line, escalate high unemployment, and reduce foreign exchange earnings.

Great Sphinx Chephren Pyramid Giza Egypt

Other megalithic sites have equally powerful financial motivations to make it seem as if their ancestors created the edifices. To suggest--much less prove--otherwise would hurt their cultural pride. Even worse, they fear a deep hole might be punched in their income stream if they ever had to admit they have no real idea of who created their famous artifacts, or when or why.

Personally, I think those fears are absurd. When it is proved that those edifices were created by beings other than humans, an entirely new spin will be thrown on them, a spin that should make them even more attractive and mysterious to all who visit and examine them.

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