Forget star player glory. Forget multi-million-dollar pro contracts. What about guys in college who can’t play the game well enough to satisfy their coaches? What about those who must be convinced by humiliation and abuse to make way for younger players with more potential? Who speaks for them? Who has ever spoken for them?
No one . . . until now.



A Darker Shade of Red is an exhilarating, shattering view of the college game as seen from the bottom looking up. A novel based on a true story, it exposes the brutal methods often employed to let a player know his services are no longer needed, and the often permanent scars—both physical and emotional—that those methods leave behind.

This isn’t the usual paean to talented athletes playing America’s favorite sport. It’s about redshirts: ex-high school stars who can run fast enough and hit hard enough to get into a college program, but aren’t good enough to play on the varsity. The story of these players has never before been told with such intense honesty.

It is based almost entirely on actual events, most of which occurred during Lloyd Pye's four years as a football player at Tulane University in New Orleans. Readers will be stunned by what these young men have to endure, and inspired by their struggles to prevail.
You'll never forget them.








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Set in 1987, the peak of the Cold War, this gripping novel begins when two rogue FBI agents catch Marsh, the nation’s #1 computer hacker and decide to take justice into their own hands. What no government agency knows is that this hacker has the ability to shut down the entirety of America’s communication systems, leaving the country helpless against attack. Marsh enlists the aid of a phone phreaking associate known as The Kraut to exact his revenge on the FBI, unwittingly revealing his power to the long-term Soviet “sleeper,” an agent-in-place seeking a chance to strike. Marsh provides that chance with his communication shutdown, and soon The Kraut is planning to circumvent Marsh’s plan with a far more threatening plan of his own. He will tell his handlers in Moscow that America will soon be helpless to counterstrike, relaying his message through a Soviet submarine playing cat-and-mouse with an American sub prowling off the California coastline. World War III is just a shutdown away!



[Warning: Contains Coarse Language]


Incredibly, the premise of this book is true! In fact the founders of Macintosh, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak both started out as phone phreaks, using the same blue box technology as Marsh. In the days of Ma Bell, the massive company that provided telecommunication services for nearly all of the USA in the 1980s if anyone had wanted to they could have caused a total system shut down, leaving the country unable to respond to any nuclear threat- mutual destruction was no longer assured!

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